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"I am very pleased with the roofing installation... the installers worked very efficiently and kept the yard cleaned up after the work was done. This roof was a challenge, with different angles, size, pitch changes and dormers. the installer's positive attitude and responsiveness deserves recognition. I own and operate a home inspection company and will be recommending this product to any clients requiring a long-term roof update."

- Lynn W. Foxboro

"Your company's representative was friendly and very patient his presentation was enjoyable. the offer presented for installing a new steel roof on my house was a fair and reasonable one."

- Patricia P.

"This company was great, very quick work done very well. suggested the proper number of vents and accommodated my request for adding vents for my range hood and bathrooms. they were always in contact for if a change needed to be made for weather. very flexible for my own schedule. would call again if I move."


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